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Buena Park Library Spotlight

The Buena Park Library District is an independent special district that was organized in 1919 under the Education Code of California, Sections 19600-19734. Special districts are a form of local government that were created by their constituents to meet specific service needs for their community. This free public library, governed by a five-member elected library board, provides equal access to library services for all community residents. No effort is spared to maximize services at the best value to the taxpayers of the District. 

Basic library services are always provided free of charge and costs of selected peripheral programs are held to a minimum. Well-trained library professionals are employed to bring people and the resources of the Library together. The Library presents and makes its facilities available for a variety of children and adult programming, and prioritizes the materials and services based on the needs of the Buena Park community. Residents and students from the surrounding cities also enjoy the various library services offered.

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